Today I had my seventh antibody infusion to prevent recurrence, which means I only have two more to go! It’s so nice to have that end date now. I wish I could say that each cycle seems the same, but I still have a few unpredictable side effects. This time I went into the Cancer Center this morning feeling quite constipated – probably because I haven’t been eating properly from all the birthday treats! This evening I can say that I am the opposite of constipated, which is a typical side effect of the perjeta, but one that I haven’t had to really deal with much.

My labs seem pretty consistent with my white blood count hovering just within the normal range and my red blood count hovering just below normal still. My creatinine was borderline high again this time after being well within normal last time. Looking back at my history I found a pattern – normal, high, normal, high, normal, high… I’m due for another echocardiogram next week to make sure my heart is still functioning properly. My exercise stamina continues to increase, so I expect those results will be normal.

Kent wanted to get some more siding up on Saturday, but we didn’t have any kids around, so it was up to me to help out! I put in an hour or so before lunch, then Kylie came home from work and helped him for a little while longer.

It was super windy on Saturday, but I actually just have bed head… LOL!! Today felt really cold with a high in the forties and overcast. It was misting when we came out of the Cancer Center as well. Speaking of cold, Friday night is Senior Night for band kids at the football game and the only performance for the color guard, so Kent and I are looking forward to seeing it and celebrating our senior! But…it’s going to be freezing!!!

Thanks for praying for my friend Chrystal last week! She was able to ring the bell after her last chemo infusion at KU Medical Center! Her next step will be surgery, and then antibody infusions so continued prayers for her are certainly appreciated.

I welcome your continued prayers for me also! I’m so grateful for all I’ve been through and know there’s a plan in place for my “new normal.” God is so good!