As expected, I had my usual one day of bad brain fog yesterday. I woke up this morning feeling like I had a little more energy and focus and as the day has progressed I continue to feel even more clear. What a blessing to have my family here under the same roof! I will enjoy their company more as the days go by. For now, I’ve just been working on my puzzle and not doing much else. Once again I chose one with a LOT of blue sky. Kent says it looks like banging your head against the wall – ha ha!! Fortunately, he has plenty to do working from home so he doesn’t need to help with the puzzle.

I’m still experiencing some tingling in my left foot and leg, and my right thumb is sensitive to pressure which is why I’m doing a puzzle and not coloring right now. At least I have options!

Another blessing is having my reflux under control. I can actually sleep flat in my bed at night, which is way more comfortable than the couch or sleeping on the wedge. My appetite is still a bit lacking, but I’m eating and everything is settling fine. I told my mom this morning that the world just feels different this time – and rightfully so! Usually I am working on getting my energy up so I can participate in my normal life activities, but now nothing is normal!! At least we have plenty of crafting supplies… Tara has been braiding a rug out of t-shirts, then she just drew her self portrait. Kylie is starting a knitting project.

Fortunately I have enough soap supplies to make, well, let’s just say a LOT of soap when I am feeling up for it! For now, I’m just riding it out…. I’m learning to embrace the still and quiet, praying for our world and all the uncertainty that we are all facing as we wait for this crisis to pass. God is good ALL the time!