We were a little late getting started this morning as there was an emergency surgery in my OR ahead of the surgery that was ahead of me… Kent was only able to stay for pre-op procedures. Once they took me back and started prepping things, I have no recollection until I woke up in recovery in quite a bit of pain (like 5-6 out of 10). I don’t think I ever opened my eyes in there. I just remember them asking me how much pain I was in and they were giving me something for it until it was under control.

I remember asking what time it was when I realized I had been wheeled up to my room. 2:05pm. No visitor policy is still in place, so I have to rely on my nurses more, but they have been very nice! I was still in some pain, so I got some morphine. That took me down to a 3 on the pain scale. My dinner consisted of beef broth, strawberry jello and a half melted orange Italian ice (by the time I got to it).

I’ve been in and out of consciousness all afternoon and evening and still quite sleepy tonight. I have a saline drip to help keep my blood pressure up and cuffs around my lower legs that alternate filling with air and releasing to keep my blood circulating. Way less noisy than the ones I had when I had surgery 5 years ago! Overall, it’s just really quiet in the hospital.

I did get moved down the hall a little while ago so a COVID patient could take my room. Apparently it’s the only room on the floor with negative air flow. My nurse assured me that she wouldn’t be taking care of this new patient.

I took a hydrocodone tonight – again, just to stay on top of the pain which I would still rate a 3. Getting sleepy again, so I’ll just say – thanks again for your prayers!!

The Soap Challenge Club surprised me with a secret challenge that they’ve been working on in honor of me!! I can’t wait to take a closer look at all the fantastic soaps they’ve made – when I get my strength and energy back up.