Each cycle I feel like I spin the wheel to see which side effects are going to manifest themselves, and each time I come up with something new! Although I’m still doing really well overall, yesterday was definitely my hardest fatigue/brain fog day. After nearly rolling my ankle twice and thinking my foot was just asleep, I realized by evening that my latest new thing for this cycle is neuropathy (weakness, numbness, and pain from nerve damage, usually in the hands and feet – a well-known side effect of chemo).

I slept well last night though, and the fog is definitely starting to clear today. I’ve still had some tingling in my left foot and up to about my knee on my leg today, and sometimes my right foot has felt a bit off as well. My nurse navigator said I can take L-glutamine and B vitamins to help alleviate my symptoms, so I’m trying that.

I finished another coloring page yesterday, and also won a tournament on my Word Trip app! I’ve been doing word puzzles on my phone to keep my mind active and hopefully keep the cobwebs from forming when I’m in my foggy state.

Today I was able to do some yoga, more coloring, and talk to my mom and Tara for awhile. I also got started on the winners announcement for the February Soap Challenge. All the participants are eager to hear the news, I’m sure!