They must have expedited my biopsy results because my surgeon called me this afternoon already! The calcium clusters are benign, BUT they are showing signs of being at risk for developing cancer in the future. So this can impact my surgery decision since they are on the left side and the tumor is on the right. He said no need to make a decision today! Obviously, I will pray about this and invite you to pray with me for wisdom to make the right choice.

I made two batches of soap today! Both are custom batches, and the first one is an unscented oatmeal, milk and honey (no photos, sorry!). The second one is scented with ginger ale fragrance. It’s more fun to look at:

Custom Ginger Ale Scented Soap

Unfortunately Kenna isn’t going to be able to come over tomorrow due to the impending freezing rain and snow, but Rebble is planning to come back and cut the soaps she made in the morning, so yay!!

I’m trying to plan out the next few days before my next treatment on Monday while I still feel good and have the energy. I don’t want to overdo it, but make the most of the time! I joined a Facebook group for women who have been diagnosed with the same type of breast cancer (HER2+) that I have and are going through very similar treatment plans. Some say the first treatment was the worst and they got easier from there, others say the third or fourth was the worst, and others say they just got progressively worse. So there’s really nothing predictable about it. I am just taking one day at a time, and God keeps reminding me that He has a plan and I just need to stick with Him and watch it unfold!