I went back to the Cancer Center this morning to resume herceptin and perjeta infusions. Everything seemed to take longer than I expected, but the end result is that I’m still feeling pretty good this evening! There’s still a one visitor policy, so Kent came for the very first part of my appointments – getting my labs drawn, meeting with the physician’s assistant, and getting set up in my infusion room. Then Tara took on the rest of the time, and even went to Chipotle to bring in lunch for us – yum! The labs showed that my hemoglobin is up, but still not quite to normal. Hopefully it will continue this trend! Please pray that I wouldn’t have any side effects from the infusions today. I’ll be doing them every three weeks for the next eight months.

Best part of the weekend was being able to go back to church together for the first time since COVID! So awesome to see our friends in person and worship the Lord together!!

Kent fixed a really yummy lunch for us while the girls were at work that included grilled filet steaks from my brother (I had a pork chop since I don’t eat beef – although I did get a small bite!) plus loaded baked sweet potatoes and mixed veggies. It was so delicious!!

So, you notice how Kent’s glasses are missing the lens on the left side in this photo? And he’s wearing his sunglasses all cock-eyed over his regular glasses in the previous photo and letting me drive? There’s a reason for that! On Friday, he had surgery to replace the lens on his left eye with a corrective tri-focal lens, and in two weeks he’ll get the right eye done. No more glasses after that!! I told him it’s definitely his turn to get some much-needed body work done! So far he’s doing great with the left eye, and feeling ready to get the right one done so they match.

Ok, one more thing. Today I closed registration for the June soap challenge, and we have 385 members from 35 different countries!! This is definitely a new record number of members, and SO MANY of them are new to the Challenge Club and also new to soapmaking! It’s going to be so fun to see the soaps they create for the challenge!