So far so good for this round of treatments! I’ve been a bit tired, plenty of hot flashes at night, and some neuropathy has resurfaced in my left foot and leg, but overall doing pretty well! My taste buds are a bit off and my appetite isn’t quite normal, but at least I’m still hungry and eating. Trying to drink as much as possible too. I’ve been able to exercise the past two days – even if today it was just some yoga.

Time to start a new puzzle, and just hunker down for a few days. I’m already pretty used to this social distancing thing. Glad to have my family under one roof with me! We’re all stocked up on groceries and hopefully we have enough toilet paper to last a few weeks… I got my Protonix refilled today, which is good since it really seems to be working for my acid reflux!

Our student ministry was broadcast live tonight. They did a late night show format with a couple of guests, plus an interactive game about phobias, and the message was from Mark 4:35-41 when Jesus was sleeping in the boat with the disciples when the storm came, and how He calmed the wind and waves. In this time of uncertainty, it sure is good to know He’s still in control!

I’ve had several friends and family members reach out to see how I’m doing – probably since I didn’t get around to blogging yesterday! Thanks for checking in and continuing to pray! It sure is nice to have the technology to keep in touch.