It was Tara’s turn to go on a bear hunt with me today. It was interesting how many Kylie and I had missed on the same path – even finding a second bear at some of the houses from yesterday!

We also spotted a neighbor who has toilet paper for sale if we ever get desperate! Although I can’t quite read all of the second sign, “Buyer Beware” and “may come slightly used” with a poop emoji is definitely disconcerting!

Besides bear hunting, I also made soap today!! This is a custom batch of Dead Sea Spa Bars. It’s still one of my favorite batches to make – although I nearly forgot to add the essential oils today. Chemo brain is REAL.

I did hear back from my nurse today confirming that my oncologist wants me to go ahead and get the echocardiogram done tomorrow. I’m actually glad so that I can find out for sure how my heart is holding up. Planning to wear gloves for sure, and appreciate your prayers of protection! I found out today that a close friend’s husband tested positive for COVID19, so I’m praying for them for sure. This virus may get worse before it gets better, but I still trust that God is good and choosing faith over fear.