Kent and I got to enjoy the neighborhood pool all by ourselves this morning – for about five minutes anyway. Then more people started showing up! It was such a beautiful day though – lower humidity and cooler temps with full sun. We even got to meet with our Grace group from church outside this evening, which we couldn’t even consider last week as it was so hot and humid!

I finally have a time for my surgery on Tuesday – first thing in the morning! I have to be at the Outpatient Center at 5:45am for surgery at 7:00am. The good news is that I’ll be home by lunch! UPDATE: the hospital just called and now my surgery is pushed back to noon. So I won’t be home by lunch, but now I get to sleep longer! Definitely looking forward to getting the tissue expanders out and the permanent implants in.

This past week I had a bone density scan to get a baseline since I have started the hormone blockers that can potentially cause damage over time. This was the easiest procedure ever!! Lie down on the table and just let the scanner go above my abdomen three times – once for my lower spine, and once for each hip. I think I was done in five minutes.

I also had my pre-surgery COVID test again, which wasn’t as fun but at least the results were negative. I’ve been trying to lay low until surgery since finding out on Monday that my white blood count is still hanging around just below normal. My doctor says there’s nothing I can do but wait for my bone marrow to start catching up with production again.

Here’s some good news: I may have found a solution to my hot flashes! I started taking black cohosh capsules just a couple days ago, and last night I didn’t have ANY hot flashes. I even got cold around 5am and had to turn off the ceiling fan. Of course I’m having a hot flash right this moment as I’m typing so I’m not totally over them… baby steps! Ha ha!

I hope you all have a wonderful week! I appreciate your prayers on Tuesday!