My friend Lori has a heart for youth in foster care, homeless families, orphans, and refugees in Guam, Palau and Peru. She has made multiple trips to all three locations to provide supplies, teach life skills and let them know they are deeply loved, have value and a purpose. I’ve been sending soaps with her the past couple of trips. She said the people remember the soaps because they are handmade!

Last year Lori decided to take the leap of forming a non-profit called BeHeartfelt Inc. and asked me if I would be on her board of directors. She’s been in this process for almost a year now, and today we agreed on the by-laws which was the final step! We’re a small board of three members: Lori (on the right) is the President, I’m the secretary, and Sandra (on the left) is the treasurer.

I’m so excited to see how this mission will grow! Kylie plans to go with Lori to Guam this summer, and I know it will be an amazing experience for her! Lori has partnered with Corazon D’Esperanza for her Peru trips, and Tara was also able to go with her several summers ago. Lori supports her mission work through her t-shirt business, which has every kind of custom t-shirt you can imagine.

Yesterday I braved Walmart to get some new pens and notebooks, among other things. I told Kent I feel like Rapunzel locked up in a tower. He said, “Only without any hair?” YES!! I hadn’t been to Walmart in over a month, I’m sure. They had gates at the entrance that I’d never seen before, but fortunately not much else had changed!

I’ve really been feeling good lately – until I went to bed last night and had horrible reflux! I ended up moving to the couch around 3am so I could prop myself almost completely upright. The wedge just wasn’t cutting it. I think the problem was that I took some magnesium about an hour before bed (you know, to off-set the Imodium I had to take on Valentines Day). I took magnesium with dinner tonight, so hopefully I won’t have the same problem tonight!

Update: It worked! No reflux – yay!!