It’s been a busy week!! All of Kent’s family (minus his sister) got together several times over the weekend since his brother’s family from Albuquerque drove up for a visit. My sister-in-law from Albuquerque with the fabulous hair is the one in the photo with the girls and me. I asked for a selfie with her and the girls decided they needed to jump in on the action! The cousins had a blast together – they hadn’t all been together for over five years!

All the Warden cousins!

Then Tara had a bunch of friends over to celebrate her 19th birthday yesterday which was super fun! Several drove in from out of state even! We lit a regular candle and had her blow that out instead of blowing all over the cake that Kylie made for her.

Additionally, I volunteered to help edit the latest book that Ed Smith, the founder of the Transformation Prayer Ministry, is working on. The concepts I’ve learned from TPM truly are what have given me such peace along this journey. They’ve given me a framework to recognize my lie-based beliefs and receive truth from the Lord – the only source of true and lasting peace! I’m very excited about being able to give back in this way!

Oh – and I also made soap for the August soap challenge tutorial, and finished getting the tutorial all ready to go. The soap turned out really amazing, but I’m not quite ready to share the results as I know there are several Club members who follow this blog…gotta keep a few secrets!

So how am I feeling after all this activity? Well, I get a little fatigued in the afternoons and evenings. I’ve taken a few naps as I’ve felt the need and had the time to do so. The only pain medicine I’ve needed since about 2 days after surgery is regular Tylenol and 600mg ibuprofen every 6 hours or so. I tried going longer on Sunday just to see how I felt. Twelve hours later I realized I wasn’t feeling that great!

This morning I was able to go for my usual walk at my usual pace which was awesome! I did notice that my left foot and lower leg are starting to get a bit “buzzy” again as neuropathy seems to be coming back. Nothing is numb or painful, thankfully. And the hot flashes still aren’t gone or even that much improved unfortunately. Again, this is just a bit bothersome. Overall, I’m really feeling pretty good, and so very grateful to be able to do all the things I’ve been doing! Thanks for continuing to pray for me!