I had a good visit with Dr. Corum before my infusion today. We finalized my last antibody infusion date in three weeks, and scheduled the appointment to get my port removed two days after that. We talked about my left shoulder that is still bothering me, and he sent a message to my primary care doctor to follow up. I told him the augmentin was resolving the cellulitis again, which is great! And then he said he won’t be seeing me again until March when I get another Prolia injection to prevent bone loss.

Last Tuesday on Election Day I was asked to video chat with a third grade class in Newton, Kansas and answer soapmaking questions. They had been making melt and pour goat milk soap, and had excellent questions for me. I had such a good time!!

I even did a quick cold process soap demo for them, using their school colors:

I’m planning to mail the soap to them so they can see and smell it (pineapple fragrance)!

Over the weekend, I helped Kent take down the scaffolding on the east side of the house after he finished up painting it. It looks so good now!!

We also purchased an air fryer/roaster/dehydrator/convection oven/amazing invention at Sam’s after talking about it for several months now:

We’ve already used it at least four times since Sunday for various things – making tuna cakes (pictured), warming up leftovers, cooking chicken tenders, making a pizza, and our favorite: sweet potato fries! The best part is that it actually folds up for storage:

Crazy to think that it’s been just over a year since my diagnosis, and almost a year since my first treatment! I have so much to be grateful for! Looking forward to finding out how much better I will feel once the antibody infusions are done. It hasn’t been horrible for sure, but I’m still slightly anemic and my creatinine was borderline high again. I’ve been taking benadryl before bed and that has helped with the itchiness as well as helped me stay asleep. Thanks so much for all the prayers – you are all a blessing to me!