Here are the results of the semi-permanent dye! It has taken three applications to get this tone. I’m not entirely convinced that I love it. I kind of like the blonde better! But we’ll see how it looks as it fades.

Last time I wrote, I was having headaches. Thankfully, they left and haven’t returned since! I think part of the problem might have been my glasses. One of the temple bars on my favorite pair of reading glasses fell off and I lost the screw, so I was using a pair that was just a shade stronger. As soon as I got another pair with the strength I was used to, the headaches went away!

Unfortunately, as soon as the headaches left, I got an infection in my left eye! I sent this photo to my oncologist’s office, and the physician’s assistant called in a prescription for antibiotic eye drops.

I started using them, but they were minimally effective. Fortunately, Kent still had some that were a little bit stronger from his eye surgeries this past summer and they were still good! I’ve been using them faithfully for the past six days now. My original prescription was for seven days, but I think I may need to go a little bit longer. It’s definitely better, but not quite normal.

Tara and her boyfriend Ty drove here yesterday, and since Ty just graduated at semester, we wanted to do something fun for him. I had the idea to fill the guest room with balloons, so Kent helped me blow up at least 100 of them right before they arrived. Kylie wanted to get an “It’s a Boy!” balloon for him, and Kent thought it would be funny to put up photos of himself giving the stink eye. (It was funny because Ty had us put up a bunch of photos of his face in Tara’s room earlier this year.)

Today, I had my six-month follow-up appointment with Dr. Anderson, the cancer surgeon. (Hard to believe it’s already been just over six months since my mastectomies!!) It was a very quick appointment. He knew that I only have one more infusion left, and I told him I’ve had two bouts of cellulitis, and I will be happy to get my port out. He told me he could take it out in his office, but I let him know I already have an appointment scheduled at the cardiology department where they put it in. He checked me out and said, “Everything looks good, see you in another six months!”

I’m just really happy to have my kids home, and ready to celebrate Thanksgiving! Hope you have a wonderful holiday as well!