Yesterday morning I had my final surgery to put the right implant back in. Dr. Storm came in for the pre-op consultation and decided to fix a pucker around one of my recent drain hole scars as well. They wheeled me back right on time for my 10:30am surgery, and I remember waking up and seeing the clock at 11:40. The nurse wheeled me into a room to get dressed around noon, and I was eating my gluten free crackers and taking a hydrocodone a few minutes later. Kent drove me home and we were back around 12:30. It was probably the fastest outpatient surgery I’ve ever had! Everything went as planned, and I haven’t had much pain at all as I’m keeping up my pain meds. In fact, I’ve just switched over to regular Tylenol from hydrocodone tonight and continuing with ibuprofen as well. I’m still rather groggy today, so I’ve just been resting and reading a good book.

Kent had to take Kylie to her first post-op appointment this morning. They replaced the original bandage and her foot is still pretty swollen – which was a good reminder that she needs to keep icing it. The doctor also recommended that she continue taking the full dose of ibuprofen to reduce inflammation even if it’s not needed for pain.

Overall, both patients are doing well!! Prayers are powerful and God is amazing!!