Yesterday was definitely my hardest day for this round. I was tired when I woke up, and never did get much energy! Spent most of the day on the couch, just feeling icky. It’s not just a regular tired feeling, but a completely drained, finding it difficult to think and process kind of feeling.

The good news is I haven’t had diarrhea at all this time – hooray! – but my digestion is still “off.” I can’t really tell if I’m hungry most of the time, but food generally tastes pretty good when I figure out what I want to eat. Sometimes it doesn’t settle all that well, but chewing gum helps.

I’ve been sleeping on the couch at night so I can prop myself up a bit, and that helps with the reflux issues. I realized when I woke up in the night that my bones were aching – yet another side effect from the chemo. Fortunately, I just shifted positions and the feeling subsided so I could go back to sleep, and I haven’t felt it at all during the day.

This morning I woke up feeling better – good enough to exercise again! I’ve decided to make it my goal to exercise daily – whether I feel like it or not. I wasn’t up for it yesterday, but it sure felt good to get back to it today. Don’t worry – I’m not pushing myself too hard!

After lunch I took a shower and got dressed, then had to sit down to put on my make-up. Baby steps! Enjoyed talking to my mom and Tara on the phone today, and started a 750-piece puzzle that Kent gave me for Christmas:

Can you guess what the picture will be?

Tonight I was just grateful I had the energy to peel and chop potatoes for dinner! I realized that the burning sensation in the back of my throat is probably reflux as well. More famotidine and antacids! Ice cream helps with reflux too, right?

I’m giving God all the glory for sustaining and strengthening me!! Without Him, I can do nothing! Just pray that He would continue to give me strength in the days ahead, and each day would be better than the last!