The day started out really well after a good night’s sleep! Kent picked up my mail from the forwarding service and I had this cute hat from my friend Jacki, plus a fun pop-up card and gift card from my friend Karen. Yay for fun mail!!

Then as the day continued, I was feeling achy and chilled. No fever, thankfully! I was able to start prepping a batch of custom soap this afternoon until I had to spend some time in the bathroom. I spoke too soon about not having diarrhea this round! Fortunately, Imodium is still my friend and fixed me right up. I was hungry by dinner time, and tonight I’m feeling a little less achy and chilled, and just hopeful for another good night’s sleep.

My sweet cousin has been on my heart and in my prayers all day. Praying that the Lord meets her needs in every way and tends to her broken heart as only He can do.