I almost felt “normal” today!! I started the day with yoga, went to my usual Thursday meetings, visited my chiropractor, and made soap! My energy has been good, and my appetite has been excellent (maybe too good?). Still taking reflux medicines and chewing on a few antacids, and if I could figure out how to heal up the sore in the corner of my mouth, that would be fantastic! The doctor prescribed a cortisone cream, but it hasn’t done much. I’ve been putting drops of tamanu oil on it as well, which sort of helps.

Here’s a guy who knows how to make me smile:

Recognize the family resemblance? Glad I got to see him for a little while when I was in Salina!

I got another pop-up card in the mail today too – from my parents!! They mailed it the same day I saw them (and my brother) because they knew I’d enjoy the fun mail! Sweet!