Kent and I met with Dr. Anderson (the breast surgeon) this morning to hear his recommendation for surgery. He had reviewed my pre-chemo MRI and also did a physical exam. Mainly based on the MRI, his recommendation was for mastectomy. I had forgotten this, but the MRI showed some “off-shoots” from the cancer site, and he wants to make sure he gets all of it. Dr. Storm (the plastic surgeon) also recommended mastectomy, but his reasoning was because of the density of my breast tissue it could be difficult to recognize any recurrence in the future. I’ve prayed for clear direction in this, and God has told me to trust my doctors from the very beginning! The message is quite clear from both doctors, so I will go ahead with the double mastectomy, with plans for reconstruction.

Kent and I have requested Friday, May 8th for the surgery date since I will need to stay overnight and it wouldn’t cut into Kent’s work week as much. Dr. Anderson’s schedule is open then, but we are waiting to hear back from Dr. Storm’s office since he will need to place the tissue expanders, and he doesn’t typically work on Fridays. However, since elective surgeries aren’t happening right now, there’s a small chance he might be willing! Please pray that this is the case! We will find out on Thursday.

This afternoon, I picked up more fun mail, and stopped at Sonic for a cherry limeade! I don’t typically drink soda, but this would have to be one of my favorites if I’m going to have one!

I appreciate the prayers behind each of these cards!!

Kent finished up the back of the house siding by painting this afternoon while it was 70 degrees and sunny! It’s supposed to rain tomorrow, so this was good timing. The girls helped him take the scaffolding down as well, so it’s completely done (on this side anyway)!

My brother sent Kent a fun package from Omaha Steaks for helping with his business email. Kylie decided to have some fun with the dry ice that it was packed in.

And that’s how today went! I can tell I’m continuing to gain energy each day and my heart isn’t pounding nearly as much. My legs still feel heavy when I exercise or go for walks, and my thumbs are still sensitive to pressure. My fingernails are starting to look more dry and slightly discolored. I know some women’s nails actually fall off from the chemo, but I don’t think mine will. I’m also hoping I won’t have chronic watery eyes and drippy nose. Prayers appreciated for these slightly bothersome side effects to dissipate!