I was so happy to announce on Facebook this morning that I slept TEN hours in my bed last night, my nose feels like it’s back to “normal” drippiness, and I don’t feel like I’m sick!! Thank you so much to those who prayed! I felt good to exercise and go to all my appointments, plus checking dozens of Challenge Club entries!

My favorite appointment today was getting a massage from Brea. I’ve been going to her every month for about three years now, and she works wonders on my neck and shoulders especially. When I got my diagnosis, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to come back for awhile, and it had been about two and half months since my last one. I had checked to see if it was ok to continue once I figured out if I was feeling well enough. The only concern is after surgery, massage can trigger lymphedema.

The next thing to consider was my power port. I had brought a couple of pillows, but it turns out Brea has a big wedge for pregnancy massages that worked perfectly for cushioning my chest as well. After the massage, she gave me a gift card and made me cry with her sweet words and encouragement. Needless to say, if anyone is looking for an outstanding massage therapist in Olathe, I will highly recommend her!! You can find her info on her Facebook page!