I am so glad to be able to say I am finally free from the narcotics! Saturday I was taking half pills every 6-8 hours, while using Tylenol and ibuprofen between doses. Yesterday morning I was starting to feel withdrawal symptoms again and Kent suggested cutting them in fourths. So I took a fourth of a pill that morning and another fourth last night before bed, and that was it! Sleeping last night was a bit rough though, as I hadn’t kept up with the Tylenol and ibuprofen as well as I should have, so I was feeling the results. I was also going back and forth between chills and hot flashes until about 2am. But, I was getting caught up on the pain meds, taking them alternately every 2-3 hours. Finally had some good sleep after that!

I did my physical therapy exercises after breakfast, and the range of motion in my shoulders keeps getting better each day. All that stretching also helps alleviate a lot of the pain symptoms, which feels really great!

After that, Tara and I went for a walk – it was almost noon and already nearly 80 degrees and sunny! I was able to walk at a pretty fast pace too. Yesterday when I went for a walk with Kent after taking the 1/4 pill, my head was feeling a bit disconnected from my body. Very weird, and I’m sure it was related to the narcotics. Can I tell you again how glad I am to be done with those??

I made the soap in the photo this afternoon. It’s a custom order for a friend, and I was able to make it all by myself! I love being able to reach over my head and lift whatever I want again.

Tomorrow I have my first follow-up appointment with my oncologist Dr. Corum as well as the lymphedema specialist. Dr. Corum’s nurse said I can plan on resuming the infusions (herceptin and perjeta HER2+ antibodies) in a week or two. Thanks again for praying for my continued recovery!