Meet Brian, the Student Pastor at our church! He’s been bald a lot longer than I have, and he reassures me that at least my hair will grow back!

So this week has been pretty good! I’ve been continuing to exercise every day, my acid reflux is in check so I can sleep completely horizontally in my bed and I started a prescription for protonix so that next round I can hopefully stay in my bed! At least after the steroids wear off… The prescription cortisone cream has cleared up the sore in the corner of my mouth – putting a layer of Vaseline over the top definitely helped! I’m still using the saline nasal spray morning and night as well. I feel like I have medications for every little thing to keep up with sometimes!

Last night I had some cramping in my feet. My toes kept curling up! I decided I should get out of bed and walk around a bit, and that seemed to get them to relax so I could go back to sleep. It could have been some dehydration as I didn’t drink quite as much water as I normally do (my goal is 2 liters/64 ounces per day). Today I’ve been making sure to drink plenty!

I have some fun things planned for the weekend, including going to Kylie’s first Winter Guard competition in Belton on Saturday and hosting a Super Bowl party at our house on Sunday. Go Chiefs!! Then Monday I go back for treatment #3! It’s amazing how quickly time passes when you measure it by three week increments.

I’ve been contemplating getting a mask to wear at the competition in Belton to protect myself from all the germs out there! Kent said with all the coronavirus news right now, they keep saying that a regular hospital mask doesn’t actually protect you. I asked in my HER2+ breast cancer Facebook group about whether others wore masks and it was about 50-50. Some said their oncologist said no need to wear a mask. Others said it was vital for them. I was praying about it today and God clearly said, “I am your mask.” I realized I should have asked Him first, but now I will walk confidently in His protection!