So yesterday was a very restful Sunday. Typically the first Sunday after treatment I will watch our church service online from home, and I did that yesterday – only this time EVERYONE was watching from home! About a year ago or so our creative director wrote a song called Stand in the Battle – only he didn’t write it alone. During all the services over one weekend he asked the congregation for ideas for lyrics – things God was teaching us or what we were going through at that time. It was the first song in the worship set this week and it speaks to our situation now more than ever!! The message was also spot on – challenging us to live and love like Jesus. For me, I felt compelled to gather up all my extra soaps and get them donated.

After filling up two boxes, I reached out to Mission Southside, a local charity providing basic needs to those in Johnson County, to see if they would take the soaps and they said YES! They have donation bins out back and I just sent them a message to let them know I had dropped them off – didn’t have to interact with anyone!

Are you ready to hear about my new side effect this round? You know I get a new one each treatment cycle… This is me being more transparent than I’m typically comfortable with, by the way. After dinner I had some cramping and bloody stool. Yuck. I left a message for my oncologist and he called me back. We decided it would be ok to wait and see how I’m doing tomorrow since it’s only one episode. Otherwise, I really have been feeling pretty good. My heart is still pounding with exertion, so I exercised somewhat cautiously this morning. Please just pray that this latest digestive issue will heal and not return!!

ALSO – I think I really have fixed the email updates! I had my parents test it out by re-subscribing and it worked for them! If you’re interested, you can sign up HERE.