I couldn’t convince anyone to go with me on my walk today, so I traveled alone, wearing my “Today I Choose Joy” shirt and leaving my head uncovered to soak up some vitamin D. I passed quite a few people who were out working in their yards, as well as other pedestrians enjoying the beautiful 70-degree and sunny afternoon – including my neighbor Jane! It was so nice to talk to someone other than my immediate family in person – even if we had to be six feet apart.

I decided to take a different route so I could potentially find a few more bears, and I wasn’t disappointed!

Kylie was able to help Kent work on the siding for a little while today. I caught her outside my (second story) bedroom window.

Tara was able to meet up in a parking lot with three of her college friends who also live in the area. They sat on their car hoods and chatted from a distance!

I think my friends have correctly diagnosed my flashing vision problems last night as an ocular migraine. I looked up the symptoms and they are pretty well spot on. I didn’t realize that an ocular migraine doesn’t necessarily mean you get a headache – it’s just the flashing patterns and blurriness and they usually go away in about 30 minutes, which is about how long mine lasted. I’ve been feeling pretty good overall today, so nothing new to report! Just happy to be able to get out and enjoy the day!