This warm weather probably won’t last, but it sure is a nice reprieve from the sub-zero temps we had last week. The entire Midwest knows the record lows we experienced. I actually didn’t leave the house for an entire week!

I went for a walk yesterday and today, and it just felt so good to stretch my legs! I’ve gone back to doing my shoulder exercises, as both shoulders have been really achy since my last surgery. I’m pretty sure this is a side effect from the Letrozole (hormone blocker), and I’ve even heard of several people on this drug who have developed frozen shoulders!

I did get the call from the hospital today that my next surgery is scheduled for first thing Tuesday morning (so far). Last time I was scheduled for first thing in the morning and I got bumped out a little bit, but either way is fine with me! The goal is to get my implant put back, but Dr. Storm says the infection has shrunk down the capsule, so it’s possible that he might have to put in a tissue expander first, and then put the implant back in later. Of course, I’d love for this to be the last surgery, so please pray that he can get the implant back in properly!