Once again, I’m so grateful for your prayers for wisdom in moving forward with reconstruction. I spent some time praying as well, and the Lord clearly told me not to be discouraged by stories of illness that have happened to others. That is not my story. It may never be my story. I’m to focus on my relationship with Him and allow Him to write my story. So now I feel quite confident in moving forward with the current plan and I know He’s got this!

I talked to the nurse from Dr Storm’s office (my plastic surgeon) and she was very sweet to answer my questions and offer more information about what to expect. She will be there Tuesday for my surgery and promised to take really good care of me! So far, they still have a no visitor policy in place, but there’s still a chance that could change by next week as Johnson County moves into Phase 1 of re-opening on Monday. It would be really great if they would open up the visitor policy before my surgery, but I also know the Lord will be with me and that gives me such peace!

Thankfully the swelling in my legs and ankles is pretty much gone! I’ve lost about 3 pounds in the last few days, and I’m pretty sure it’s that fluid. I feel stronger and stronger as I exercise, and I know I’ll be physically ready for surgery as well. Tomorrow I get tested for COVID19, which is a prerequisite for surgery these days. Not looking forward to that huge probe up my nose, but I guess that’s what’s necessary!

You might be able to see a bit more hair on my head as well. It seems to be coming in dark – like my natural color, but I’ll just have to wait and see. Still seems a bit sparse! My eyebrows are hanging on by a thread, and so far my eyelashes are still mostly intact. I received the cross necklace and a Hy-Vee gift card from a friend in my Moms in Prayer group. So grateful for all the support I continue to receive!