More fun mail this week!! My Mary Kay lady sent me a card along with these two charcoal mask samples, which I’m super excited to try! The girls use them and love them, but I’ve never tried them myself!

My amazing soapmaking friend Debi sent me a care package that includes these soaps she made for the secret soap challenge last May in my honor (they each have a word at the bottom as well: rejoice, faith and hope). She formulated the jar of healing salve especially for my scars, and from reading the ingredient list, I’m pretty sure it’s worth its weight in gold! Debi wrote a sweet note in her own words about the significance of scars. Here is just a portion of it: “They are reminders of life lived, of battles fought and won. They are medals of courage and bravery and are only given to the winners. They are quite literally marks of survivorship!” She also knows that I enjoy yoga, so she sent a book called Yoga for Cancer (not pictured) that I am really looking forward to utilizing!

I went back to the chiropractor today and was able to get my back adjusted – finally!! without any discomfort. He’s been adjusting me on my back ever since I got my port placed, and it still works great! I also got confirmation of my appointment back at the Cancer Center on Monday to resume the herceptin and perjeta infusions. I’ll be doing them every three weeks again for the next eight months or so. The side effects should be very minimal compared to the full chemo protocol. These are the HER2 antibodies that will help prevent recurrence.

Overall, I’m just feeling stronger and continuing to do my physical therapy exercises as well as walking and watering my flowers every day. My chiropractor told me today that I look like I have my color back in my face!