This is Day 4 after my herceptin and perjeta infusions, and if it had been the full chemo it would be my worst fatigue and brain fog day. Instead, I felt a little more fatigued than normal this morning, and went to a meeting at church IN PERSON with the most awesome student ministry team! I also met with my lovely prayer group ladies via zoom, then after lunch Kent and I went to the chiropractor and I made the soap in the photo this afternoon.

This evening I’m feeling pretty much normal. Praise God!!! I’ve been researching some natural remedies for my hot flashes, as they are definitely still bothersome at night. (They checked my hormone levels when they drew labs on Monday and I’m definitely post-menopausal now.) I found a couple options that I will ask my doctor about. I have to be careful not to take anything that will produce estrogen since my cancer feeds on it. That’s why I will be starting on a hormone blocker this week also. Apparently even though my ovaries aren’t producing it anymore, my fatty tissue still can.

The past several days Tara has been helping me clean out the storage area in the basement, as well as all the soap supplies that were spilling out into the common area. We took a carLOAD of donations to Adelante Thrift on Tuesday, and the trash and recycling are filling up too! I’m finally letting go of the majority of the display and storage items that I used to use for the farmer’s market and craft shows, as well as some of my larger “production size” soap molds. It’s nice to have that space back!!

I think we’ll tackle the office next…