Last night was the Homecoming football game, so during half time Kylie was able to perform with the color guard, and all of the seniors in the band were recognized with their parents. As I mentioned in my last post, we anticipated that it was going to be absolutely freezing – and it was!! Kent and I arrived just as the first quarter was ending, and we didn’t have any blankets or stadium chairs with us, so we decided to go back to the car and wait until closer to half time! Here’s our photo from the nice, warm car when we were feeling very happy about our decision:

About three minutes before the end of the second quarter, we went back to the stadium and got lined up on the track with the other parents of seniors. We watched the color guard perform, then Kylie joined us on the track and we waited our turn for the annoucer to introduce us, tell about Kylie’s favorite band memory, and get our photo taken. What you don’t see is that I had my mask and scarf on and my hood up right up until the point when they took our picture. And then we all got to go home! Here’s a closer look at Kylie with her best friend Emma:

Even though they didn’t get to perform in marching competitions this year, I’m so very proud of my girl and all she’s accomplished with her color guard friends. They are planning to start Winter Guard very soon, so I know she’s getting excited for that! We’re still not sure what it will look like, but hoping and praying they can put together a competitive routine at least.

Today I’ve been working on the winners announcement for the October soap challenge. It was one of the tightest competitions we’ve had in quite awhile. The top two spots in the experienced category were only one vote apart and ALL THREE top spots in the beginner category were one vote apart! I’m excited to publish the results tomorrow!