What’s the photo, you ask? Friday night Kent and I decided to stay home for date night, and we had some fun making s’mores with our new patio heater! That day I was just starting to notice some redness on my right breast again, and figured I should keep an eye on it. By Saturday afternoon, I was pretty convinced that the cellulitis was back! Of course it was the weekend, so I left a message for the doctor on call. And waited. No one ever called, so I left another message Sunday morning. Still no call back. By Sunday afternoon, I figured it was late enough that I could send an email to the oncology nurse and hear back Monday morning.

Sure enough, by 8:30am I had a reply from the oncology nurse, and by 9:00am they had a prescription for augmentin called into the pharmacy! She said they were checking into the messaging issue over the weekend because my voicemails were there, but it never paged the doctor! And if that ever happened again I should call the main hospital and they would be able to page the doctor on call. Good to know!

I was able to get started on re-covering the chair in our bedroom over the weekend. I won’t say re-upholstering, because I’m not planning to redo the entire chair as precisely as I re-covered the seat cushion. It will be more of a slip cover. But I’m really happy with how the seat cushion turned out! I basically ripped it apart and used the old fabric as a pattern for the new cover. I took a ton of photos as I was ripping it apart and hoped I could put it back together! There was a crease in the edging that I ironed backwards and had to re-do, and the zipper opened the on the wrong side, so I had to rip it out and flip it around, but otherwise everything came together pretty well!

Looking forward to finishing the rest! Meanwhile, I appreciate your prayers that this latest infection will go away quickly. If what Dr. Corum said about the last infection coming from bacteria entering my port is correct, I have to wonder if it got in there when my port was accessed for the echocardiogram last week. I seem to be susceptible now, anyway. It sure will be nice to get it removed next month after my last infusion!! (Just two more to go…)