I got home a little after 11:00 this morning. Very glad to be here! I did sleep some last night, but not a lot. The nurse told me not to lay around all day today though. She wanted me up and walking around every once in awhile. So I spent a lot of the afternoon looking at all the amazing soaps that the Challenge Club made in my honor, and read all their beautiful words about what the Club means to them. What a blessing!!! I can’t post a link to all of the soaps, but there was one in particular that I thought you might enjoy if you’ve been following my blog. Remember the crazy 1000-piece white bengal tiger puzzle I put together? Someone in the Club made it into a soap!! Yeah, I’m not sure how she did it either!!

I’m still feeling a bit groggy, of course. Lack of sleep and pain meds will do that! I really don’t have much pain, thankfully! My ribs feel sort of bruised and sore. I have four drains (two on each side) that are still connected and that will need to be emptied every 12 hours and the fluid measured. I’m supposed to report those numbers to the plastic surgeon’s office on Monday, and hopefully get them removed next Thursday.

I started doing the arm exercises this afternoon to get my mobility back. I’m supposed to do them three times a day. Honestly, I have a lot more mobility than I thought I would! I’m not supposed to lift my arms higher than my shoulders until the drains come out, but I can get them parallel to the floor if I lift them one at a time – to the front as well as to the side.

Dr. Anderson said the pathology report should be back on Friday. He removed two sentinel lymph nodes and they appeared to be normal to him. I’m still hoping the rest of the tissue comes back cancer free as well!!

Thanks for your continued prayers for a speedy recovery!