Today marks one year since I got the call that I am cancer free!!! We took this opportunity to celebrate together as a family by going down to Arkansas and meeting up with Tara. She has one more week of school, and then she’ll be heading home in time for Kylie’s graduation next weekend, but she needed us to come pick up all the larger furniture items that won’t fit in her tiny car. So we loaded those up last night, then went to Bentonville today for some fun! We had a delicious lunch at Table Mesa Bistro in downtown Bentonville that ended up being the center of their downtown market, so parking was limited and we had a fairly long wait time. However, it was well worth it!

Then we walked across the street to the Spark Cafe which is part of the Walmart Museum and where they have super cheap ice cream and got dessert.

Finally, we visited Crystal Bridges, a museum of American Art. It opened to the public on 11/11/11, and spans over five centuries of artwork from the Colonial era to today. It was fascinating to see so many amazing pieces, from the enormous oil painting portraits and fabulous landscapes (this one was our favorite) to fantastic sculptures – including this giant spider:

I’m just overwhelmingly grateful for all the Lord has brought me through! It’s been such a fantastic day! I look forward to many more celebrations in the years to come.