Today was a good day! Kent, Kylie and I were able to watch our church service online this morning, then Kent helped me finish my puzzle! Isn’t it so cute?? Those kitties sure made a mess!

Kitty puzzle!!

After lunch I finally cut Kent’s hair. (He was due Thursday night, but I wasn’t up for it then!) Then we enjoyed an amazing football game where the CHIEFS EARNED A PLACE IN THE SUPER BOWL FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 50 YEARS!!!

Finally, our small group from church came over and we shared a delicious dinner, and enjoyed a great discussion and prayer time. I’ve been reading more in The Freedom Diaries, and one of the other couples in our group bought the book as well so we’ve been discussing some things we’ve learned from that in addition to our regular Bible study.

I’m tired tonight, and I still have reflux issues, but my digestion seems better and I feel like each day I’m gaining ground! I had trouble sleeping last night because I just felt very restless – almost like I did when I was taking steroids, only I’m not! I’ve been sleeping on the couch so I can prop my head up, but I’m going to try sleeping in my bed tonight – hooray!!