Yesterday we woke up to about 4 inches of snow on the ground and notifications that school was cancelled!! It was a very wet snow that stuck to tree branches and most everything else – very beautiful! Fortunately, I didn’t have anywhere I needed to go, so it was a good day to stay inside. I talked to my mom and Tara on the phone, colored in my new coloring book, and cut the soap I made the day before.

I also had my first nose bleed – eek! I’ve been having issues with a drippy nose, and I’ve heard it’s from the herceptin which is the antibody that is working against the HER2+ tumor. However, I’ve also been using the saline spray recommended by Denise (who lives in Alaska and knows about dry noses), and it’s definitely helped my nasal passages not feel so dry. I have seen some pink tinges when I blow my nose now and then, but I was kind of surprised it actually bled. Pinched it for a couple minutes and that stopped it. I haven’t had another bleed since, but….

Today I’ve had a LOT more drips and now I’m sneezing quite a bit as well. I have to be careful leaning my head forward (I actually dripped a little bit in the dishwasher – oops!) It feels like I might be coming down with a virus. Praying that I’m not because I’m not sure how a compromised immune system fights that off.

I started editing the video of Rebble and myself making soap for the February soap challenge today, and that definitely makes me smile and sometimes laugh out loud! What a fun time we had! Definitely looking forward to sharing it with the Soap Challenge Club!