It seems like Thursday is when the world went mad over the coronavirus. We had been planning to go visit Tara at college for the weekend. She’s in her first year at John Brown University in NW Arkansas as an Art & Illustration major, and truly LOVES it. Kylie has been so busy that she hasn’t been on any college visits, and junior year is supposed to be the time to start. So we scheduled an appointment with one of the math professors and she was planning to attend a math class on Friday since that was the start of her Spring Break, and JBU wasn’t going to start theirs until the 23rd.

Then Thursday all the craziness ensued… Kylie found out that her final two Winter Guard competitions were canceled and they would have one last chance to perform their show for friends & family in their high school gym that night. It was very emotional – especially for the seniors, but they made it through!

I also received a sweet card, letter, and Chick-Fil-a gift cards from a dear friend who let me know she is also fighting a battle, and I’m so glad she reached out so I can pray for her as she’s also praying for me!

Then Kent, who doesn’t have that much hair already, decided to go ahead and shave it all off! He decided that what he did have left was actually keeping his head warmer than he thought – LOL (photo above)!

Thursday night we kept communicating with Tara trying to find out if John Brown was going to close down early since K-State and KU had already started sending their students home. She finally got an email from the president of the university saying that Friday would be the last day of classes and they would be finishing out the semester online. So, in a crazy turn of events Kent likes to say that we went from going on a family visit to a search and rescue mission to evacuate our daughter! Kylie was still able to meet the professor and attend the last class of the semester, and we were able to meet Tara’s friends, go to her church with her, and get her packed up and moved back home.

Now I’m just trying to get all my ducks in a row to head in for Treatment #5 in the morning! I started the steroids today, so sleep will be sparse, but otherwise I’m feeling pretty healthy and normal. Washing my hands frequently and just grateful to have my girls home for now. We’re waiting to find out if Kylie’s Spring Break will need to be extended as well. It all just feels rather surreal right now, as I’m sure it does for everyone else!