The story of my life is putting puzzles together the past few days! I’m so glad my sister-in-law shared them with me! I started and finished another 750-piece one on Saturday, and started on this 2000-piece one on Sunday. And by started, I mean I spent several hours starting to separate the pieces. I finished separating them this morning, and had to get an extra table so I would have room to work! The photo above is my progress as of today (Monday).

On Saturday morning, Kylie and I went to our church parking lot where the band was having a drive-through senior send-off, AND saying good bye to both of the band directors.

I realized Saturday night that my ankles were getting quite swollen – probably because I wasn’t being very diligent about getting up and walking around every 15 minutes. I’ve since started setting 15 minute alarms on my phone whenever I sit down to work on my puzzle, and I can tell it’s helping! Here’s how they looked yesterday:

I gave my drain output report to the nurse at Dr. Storm’s office this afternoon, and two of the four drains are ready to come out! One is really close, and the last one has a little way to go. She said I could come in any time to get the first two removed; however, it’s one on either side so it wouldn’t really help that much. I already have a follow-up appointment scheduled for Thursday, so I’m planning to wait until then. There’s a good chance three of them will come out, and if I’m left with one for a little longer that’s ok too!

I’ve been able to space out the narcotics a bit, but wish I could go even longer or just be done with them. They definitely help me sleep at night, but prayers for pain to be gone would be appreciated! The mobility in my arms is still really good , and I figure reaching for puzzle pieces should be helping. Overall, I’m feeling stronger each day!

Also I joined the Facebook avatar craze: