Today was my fifth antibody infusion of herceptin and perjeta – hopefully just three more to go! I had my first prolia injection as well to prevent bone loss from the hormone blockers. The nurse said I could have some achiness in my shoulders and hips in the next few days from that, but I also have a friend who gets the injections and she doesn’t have any side effects at all. So I guess we’ll see!

All of my labs came back looking good, which is what I expected based on how I’ve been feeling lately. Plenty of energy – in fact, Kent and I spent the long weekend working on our bedroom! I guess it’s been a month already since I said I wanted to start working on it, and even longer since I’ve been making plans!

We started by disassembling everything, spackling holes, and then painting the walls with “Passive” by Sherwin Williams. I love to paint!!

Kent had built our headboard many years ago, and we upholstered it with a silver color first, then we recovered it with the brown at least 13 years ago! It’s definitely time for a new look! Tara found some ideas on Pinterest for us, and we landed on this one:

(Sweet Home Alabama movie quote is pretty cute too! The photo is actually an ad for the sign!)

This is how far we got yesterday. Still need to put in the crown molding under the shelf, touch up the paint, and install the lights, but it’s coming together very nicely!

Also last week I was able to make 96 bars of custom beach soap! I did a lot of the prep work the day before actually making the soap. I’m really glad I don’t make batches this large every day, but it was rather satisfying to see that they all turned out beautifully! In fact, I made a YouTube video if you care to take a look.

So grateful to have the energy to do all of these things!! The side effects I’m experiencing now are so minimal. Kylie starts her senior year of high school online tomorrow – praying that all goes well and they can get back to in-person learning ASAP!